Wawel Brand


The Wawel Brand was borne out of the combination of exceptional Polish and Swiss recipes and chocolate artistry perfected over the years.



Wawel’s traditions go back to the end of the XIX century, when the novice chocolatier Adam Piasecki decided to start a confectionary workshop in Kraków. At the small workshop, located at Długa Street, he employed 5 people. His exceptional success and rising fame led Piasecki to start factory production. The chocolate products were very popular among the gourmets, and today you can still find candies that follow some of the master's recipes on store shelves.


The romantic story of the Danusia candy bar – one of Wawel’s oldest products

Chocolate Danusia is the fruit of the company owner’s love for his beautiful worker. At the beginning of the 20’s of the previous century, the confectionary master, charmed by the captivatingly beautiful Danusia, created an original recipe for a chocolate bar as a symbol of his never-ending love. Its unique taste reflected the infinite power of love, and the name and face of the girl found on the packaging did not leave any doubts with regards to whom the chocolate is dedicated.

Caramels – handmade candies


Our caramels owe their unique look and taste to the traditional method that has been used for years to make them. The exceptional brittle filling, interspersed with thin caramel veins, is handmade, which causes Raczki and Kukułki to excite consumers’ taste buds with their extraordinary crunchiness and delicateness, and please the eye with their contrasting stripes.

Our clients’ attachment to the taste and look of our caramels inclined us to move our machines that enable the production of our candies by traditional methods to our modern factory in Dobczyce.


Myths and legends – chocolates at the Imperial Court


Franciszek Józef spent the only truly happy moments in the company of his numerous grandchildren.The children were frolicking on the carpet in grandpa’s office, asking him for sweets imported from Galicia and Kraków.The benevolent monarch always fulfilled their wishes, himself being a fan of the Piasecki Factory sweets.His Majesty’s personal butler, Euglen Ketterl, recounted how when the imperial grandchildren (the same as the whole court) licked their fingers after having eaten chocolates and wafers, saying, “Oh, the Royal Taste!”,the Benevolent Monarch would gently correct them – “Not Royal, but Imperial-Royal”.


Kasztanki, Malaga, Tiki Taki – Wawel’s most famous and client-prized chocolates


The first chocolate sweet to be produced by Wawel was Malaga. Its history goes back to the end of the 60’s, when it was still handmade. At the beginning of the 70’s Wawel started producing Kasztanki and Tiki Taki for which it used specialized machines. In 1995 Wawel chocolates were awarded the Poland Now Emblem (Godło Teraz Polska).

Wawel has been offering Kasztanki, Malaga and Tiki Taki filled chocolates for over 40 years. Their characteristic names, colourful packaging and delicious taste make them exceptional pralines.