History of Company

The company prides itself on its traditions dating back to the end of the 19th century.


Adam Piasecki established a confectionary company in Kraków in 1898. In 1910, as a recognized confectioner, he opened a chocolate factory. Piasecki’s products have become synonymous with exquisite taste and high quality. The first company store was opened in a town house beside the Main Market Square in Kraków.


Renowned European sweets producers started opening their branches in Kraków. The Pischinger Chocolate Factory was opened in 1922, followed by the Suchard Chocolate Factory in 1925.


After the Second World War the three competing factories were combined into one company and in 1951 the Wawel Confectionery Plant was established. Soon afterwards the factory became one of the finest confectionery producers in Poland.

In 1914, 1 500 kg of products were coming off of the production line daily.


There were over 100 different products being offered by the company. Each product was adorned by elegant company packaging.

Each location had a specialized production profile.

Factory No. 1 (ul. Wrocławska 17) mainly produced pralines, chocolate candies and candy bars. Factory No. 2 (ul. Masarska 6-8) produced bars of chocolate, chocolate with added ingredients, caramels and cocoa. Factory No. 3 (ul. Kącik 20) mainly produced pastry materials – wafers and "Michałki".

The Wawel company logo has been modified several times over the years. 


The changes made mainly concerned the colour of the signature, the place where the company was established or the use of an outline of the Wawel Castle as a symbol of the City of Kraków.

An invariable element of the logo is the font which for decades has maintained its characteristic shape – that of handwriting.


In 1992 the government decided to privatize the company, due to the mounting demands of the market and the changing economic situation.


As a result of the transformation Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego Wawel SA (Wawel SA Confectionery Plants) was established. A breakthrough moment came for Wawel when it was transformed into a public company. In 1997 the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission allowed public trade of the company’s shares. The Wawel SA Confectionery Plants Company’s shares debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on March 11, 1998.

The company’s name was changed to Wawel SA in 2005.



The investment in Dobczyce was completed in 2006. The entire production was gradually moved to the industrial zone, where a modern production plant was emerging.


The production facility was moved to Dobczyce, just outside of Kraków in 2006. This decision was heavily influenced by the dynamic growth of the confectionary market and Wawel SA. Wawel SA’s new production factory stretches over almost 6 hectares in Dobczyce’s Industrial Zone, at ul. Towarowa 6. The company’s headquarters remain in Kraków, located at ul. Władysława Warneńczyka 14.