The Chocolate Factory

The production facility in Dobczyce.

The production facility in Dobczyce

The production facility was moved to Dobczyce, just outside of Kraków in 2006.

This decision was heavily influenced by the dynamic growth of the confectionary market and Wawel SA. The decision was made to centralize all production under one roof.

Production was spread out across three sites until 2006. Each location had a specialized production profile. Factory No. 1 (ul. Wrocławska 17) mainly produced pralines, chocolate candies and candy bars. Factory No. 2 (ul. Masarska 6-8) produced bars of chocolate, chocolate with added ingredients, caramels and cocoa. Factory No. 3 (ul. Kącik 20) mainly produced pastry materials – wafers and "Michałki".

The company’s headquarters remain in Kraków, at ul. Władysława Warneńczyka 14.

Wawel SA’s new production factory stretches over almost 6 hectares in Dobczyce’s Industrial Zone, at ul. Towarowa 6.

The factory meets all the standards pertaining to food production. The process of manufacturing Wawel SA’s chocolate products is based on tried and tested recipes and using raw materials that have been subjected to a rigorous inspection. Proof of this is found in the certified Quality Management System which adheres to the ISO 9001: 2000 Standard.

The entire investment process commenced in June 2004. It included, among other things, the construction of a modern production plant with installations and the activation of all production lines, building a warehouse equipped with tools facilitating unloading raw materials and transporting them to the production plant, the opening of a distribution warehouse with a logistics subsidiary, computer tracking system and a high-storage system.

Social responsibility is very important to Wawel SA, and as such a modern environmental protection system was incorporated into the project. The factory is equipped with a system that safeguards against the uncontrolled escape of pollutants into the environment, which is of the highest quality. The factory is made environmentally friendly by limiting its noise pollution and water and energy consumption. The cost of the investment exceeded PLN 100 000 000.

The machines used in the traditional candy production methods were also moved to Dobczyce. This is how our caramels, such as Kukułki and Raczki, are produced. They are valued for their unique filling made of brittle with thin veins of caramel.